Saturday, November 22, 2008

re-write URLs under IIS for Drupal

This is mainly a note to myself, but perhaps it wil help someone else as well.
Although all of the sites I work on end up being hosted under LAMP, I develop most of them locally on my XP machine using the built in IIS for localhost.

The only problem I have ever run into (well once I got the whole thing working anyway) is that IIS does not have URL rewriting, and without rewriting there are no clean-urls, and without clean-urls there is no services/AMFPHP.

I just ran across this node that mentions an OPEN SOURCE Isapi rewrite filter (

Now to install and test it out.
More info will be forthcoming.


joshua said...

Some good info about redirection...

Josh Kopel said...

Thanks for the info Joshua!

I was excited about finding the pluginbecause it lets me turn on clean-urls for Drupal on IIS.

Not the easiest thing to do.
Still haven't really tried it yet though, too much else going on!