Wednesday, July 25, 2007

down the rabbit hole again

Why is it that every site requires a return to the beginning?
I am working on a new Drupal site for Rae's cousin who runs a small management consulting firm in Seattle.

It should be dead easy, right?
Just drop in a few modules, do some simple theme work, post to the host, and go get lunch.

Instead I am looking for a JQuery plugin that does dropdown menus cleanly, trying to remember if there was a reason I had not used the asset module last time around, fighting with CSS, and generally feeling unmotivated.
I suppose having a well thought out process and a set of standards would help.
Maybe next time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


After a few months of research and obsession I bought a scope.
I was getting frustrated with the levitator and thought that having better tools would help.
No, I am lying.
measuring my abilities as an antenna

new toy.  very happy.
Really I just wanted one (and have wanted one for a very long time).
I certainly don't need to prove to anyone what a geek I am, but if I did this would be the way.
For $250 I got a 15 year old tektronixs 2246 from ebay. For those not up on their obsolete test equipment that is a 4 channel 100 mHz scope with built in multi-meter and various other measuring cusors.

With heart in mouth I waited the week it took to get here, wondering the whole time if I had thrown my money away on a door stop. Oscilloscopes are pretty complicated machines, and although I had learned that this was supposed to be a fairly rugged and reliable one, I was sure it was going to be broken. Fortunately it arrived in one piece with all functions seemingly intact.

Now I just have to figure out how to use it.