Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ignite Seattle was a blast!
Everyone who spoke was really good, and there were a few true standouts.
I can't wait for the video to get posted, although I dread seeing myself.

I really want to thank Brady Forrest and the good folks at O’Reilly for putting it on and giving me the chance to expound on MakePhilly.

Now about the title...
We have been in Seattle since Saturday and by the time we leave on Friday we will have:
  • seen 15 houses with our realtor
  • had (a combined) 6 job interviews (or a reasonable facsimile there of)
  • and driven untold miles looking at neighborhoods.
  • delivered 1 Ignite Seattle talk
  • visited relatives
  • caught up with friends
I need to go home and sleep for a week.
I am getting very excited about moving though!

Monday, February 18, 2008


So Rae and I are in Seattle on reconnaissance for our move this spring.
Looking at real estate, trying to do some professional networking, trying not to go insane from the expanding possibilities.

I found out last night that I landed a talk for the upcoming Ignite Seattle on Tuesday (that by the way is tomorrow). Very exciting!
My topic is "fun without function" and I am going to present the codification of our experiences with makephilly and the maker challenge. I am really looking forward to this!
It has been a while since I spoke to such a large crowd, and now is the nervous part. I know I can talk for 5 minutes, the real challenge is how to say it all in JUST 5 minutes. That and how to choose the best pictures (thanks flickr).