Monday, April 24, 2006

They thought it was their kid, but it was just a fluke.

Because some jokes are just too silly to resist. Even if I am the only one who will think it is funny.

Milli and Micro the Ampere family

Two classy old weston meters I got for a song on ebay (yes you can do that through paypal).
I can't imagine what I will do with them, but if I ever figure it out I know where to find them. Or not.

In the background is my mag-lev project.
If I ever get it cleaned up perhaps I will post about that too.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Week 2 (gear puller?)

At first I thought this was a valve spring compressor, but after closer examination I am not so sure. Perhaps a device for separating gears on a shaft?

In any case my friend Tom gifted it to me when we visited his lovely family in MI a few years ago. He had apparently saved it for me knowing that I would love it... and I do.

Forged steel about 7" by 2.5"

Sunday, April 09, 2006

where to begin

Not really fair to count this shot against the weekly goal I guess, but I wanted to show the source. This is the "studio" I rent, which serves more as a storage space these days. After a brief flurry of artistic activity a few years ago, I went back to building web sites. So the output from the studio has dropped to (almost) zero. That has not stopped me from collecting though. Slowed me down a little, but only because I only get here to deliver things once a month or so, and R sees the stuff (and gives me a hard time) if my car gets too full.

A Big Magnet

Many years ago I was a graduate student studying metalsmithing at Cranbrook. One day, one of my fellow students looked at my work area in dismay, and pronounced "It looks like there is a big magnet under there and all that shit just sticks to it."

I accumulate things.

Sometimes I make stuff out of them, but mostly not.

I think I have accumulated some really interesting stuff, and I intend to take pictures of one thing each week and post it here. I could go for a really long time at one a week, so maybe it will be more frequent, but probably not. We will see.