Friday, June 17, 2011

Squigaloo kickstarter

I generally don't post work related stuff here, but this is just too big for me not too!
For the last year or so my business partner Andy Lueck and I have been hard at work on Squigaloo, our collaborative storytelling startup.

Just this morning we launched our kickstarter campaign to raise some money so we can finish it off! I would love it if you take a minute to look at what we are doing, and (of course) to make a pledge!

Maybe if this works I will have a little more time for projects here :-)



Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making progress on fixing the south bend lathe again

Making progress on fixing the south bend lathe again

Using some nice one part industrial enamel. It stinks but it goes on well with a brush and dries to a hard glossy finish. I am putting on two coats over a phosphate based primer, and although I see all the inconsistencies in the casting I have so far resisted the urge to break out the bondo. So far.

I am averaging about two parts a day, but the weather has just gone back to cold rainy, so I am going to fall behind.
The bed sitting to the right is going to be tough to clean well enough to paint, if only because it is so heavy that it is hard to manipulate.

The color is WAY off. It is really a nice dark blueish gray (instead of robins egg blue).

I have started YET ANOTHER BLOG just for this project