Wednesday, March 21, 2007

got my blog back!

Somewhere in the heart of the google empire lives an evil gnome whose job it is to make things as complicated as possible.
This malicious individual got hold of my blog, noticed that I had not posted in a year or so, and decided to punish me by making it impossible to log in.
Well I showed them!
After many repeated attempts to gain access with every email address and password I have ever used, and after trying, exhausting, and cursing every help channel they offer (which did not take long).
I finally had a breakthrough!
Somehow my blog had become registered under an email address that does not even exist (to my knowledge), and I only discovered it by looking at the http headers being sent when I tried to log in.

In any case it is fixed now, and I have managed to migrate to the new blogger, and although I may not post for another year, I feel much better!