Friday, August 08, 2008

slowly working our way out of the basement

The flooring installer comes tomorrow.
I cannot contain my excitement.
To be able to stroll through the house without being able to see light coming up through the sub-floor... this is progress!
Drywall dust still cakes every surface, and there are long tails of romex extruding from every naked electrical box, but still it is PROGRESS.

On the plus side the basement is not so bad.
Or at least that is what we keep telling ourselves.
The weather has been fabulous.
Paying work has been falling from the sky.
Rae got a really really cool job (at a chocolate factory no less!).
And I got to present at dorkbot.

Yes, things could be much worse.

If only I could start getting the garage shop set up.
Why, life would be peachy indeed.

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