Tuesday, May 20, 2008

made it

It took eight nine days to drive 3,358 miles (it was not the most direct route). Nine days in the car with my beloved and all the stuff we thought we would need for the next four months. Stuffed. In. The. Car.

In the end I have to say it was a great way to get here (Seattle). A plane ride would have been way too abrupt. Given the hyper-kinetic activity of the last few months (sell house, sell cars, sell possessions, pack house, say goodbye, leave) we needed some time to adjust to all the big changes. We needed time for a few melt-downs and some transcendent vistas. We got both (with the Spam museum as an added bonus). We got to see some of our far flung friends and family. We got to talk about the future and everything else we often don't have time for. In the end, we got to Seattle. We are now ensconced in our little apartment while we unscramble our brains and figure out what needs doing when. Tomorrow the house hunting begins with the inimitable Austin Chester (real estate agent extraordinaire). I am looking forward to it.

For a few pictures I give you Rae's flickr feed. I just want to point out that I took some of those, but not any of the really good ones.

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