Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A while back I heard about the TGIMBOEJ project started by Evil Mad Scientists and their friends.
The idea struck me as both ridiculous and extraordinary.
Collect a bunch 'o' junk, stick it in a priority mail flat rate box, and mail it to someone who can take what they want, add what they want to get rid of, and then pass the whole thing along.
I wanted to be on the list of potential recipients but just never got around to it.
Well my chance finally came the other day when I saw a tweet from @EMSL that there was a box looking for a new stopover. I let them know I wanted it and after some quick communication with its last owner I got box Gray-E in the mail yesterday.
I can't say that it changed my life, but there was at least one thing I was excited to get.
Some sample DS1881 digital linear taper potentiometer chips from maxim will be great for an Arduino synth project I have been thinking about.
Of course then I had to put some stuff in the box...
Given the vast quantities of junk I have laying about, I knew the challenge would be one of finding just the right mix of things since I don't yet know where this box is going.
In my humble opinion it leaves here much more interesting then it came in, but that might be my bias showing. The things I put in there were all items I had been saving for something, and they are all useful.
You can see the results for yourself here:

So now... Who wants it next?

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Tyson Bailey said...

This looks pretty interesting I hadn't heard of it before. (found you on chiphacker)