Wednesday, March 25, 2009

looking ahead

It has been a crazy few months here and I have barely had time to breath let alone work on projects or blog.

Work kept me tied to the keyboard for most of January, and all of February, and then I buzzed off to SXSW interactive for a week of sessions, schmoozing, and beer. Now I am getting really excited about some things that are happening this spring and summer.

First off I am teaching another Arduino class at 911 Media Arts Center starting sometime in mid April (exact date TBD, watch this space).

Then at the end of April I am going to be helping out with the next iteration of IgniteSeattle.

In June will be the opening of the 4th edition of the dorkbot-sea art show "People doing strange things with electricity" at 911 Media. This year I am collaborating on a piece for the show with my friend Bob Gallup.

Finally in July we are launching a really exciting event.
July 11th will be the first Frayed Wire art/tech unconference, and it should be a weekend of great fun (

I think I should have some interesting posts in store on motor control and arduino experiments as Bob and I work on the piece for PDSTWE. We are going to be using processing or vvv for video analysis and talking to the arduinos (or maybe one of my makecontrollers) via OSC or something. Details are sketchy but I know it will be fun.

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